How We Made It

The project started with the aim of creating a dub inspired kind of electronic music. The sound had slight references to electro and industrial because of Henrik Knudsen and Joergen Traun's past involvement in several projects of this nature. To speed up the production and move closer to dub, Joachim Michaelis was brought into the project. Later in the process Joachim also contributed with knowledge about african and middle eastern music, which he has spent a lot of time studying.

Joachim has always been a musician who works very fast, which tends to leave some room for final polishing. In contrast, Joergen and Henrik are much more thorough and in-depth, which is probably why we have worked quite well as a team.

Using the best quality music gear available to us has always been both a goal and a part of the creative process, so a lot of analog synthesizers, acoustic instruments, outboard effects and studio recording gear has been used. In order to achieve a unique sound, we have made sure to use sound sources not usually associated with music, such as pans, pots, wooden items, hitting tables with spoons etc. This also helps getting a more african feel.

Various guest artists have also contributed to this album: Simin Yeganeh is singing on one of the tracks, Elizabeth Møllgreen is talking on another track, Allan Jamisen is talking on yet another, and last but not least, Søren Raagaard is playing two different experimental brass instruments.